Mary Katherine Backstrom

I Know Where Your Coffee Is!

There is one thing that moms these days can’t live without. It’s not the changing table, or the bouncer, or even black yoga pants.

It’s coffee.

And when the stresses of child-rearing and housekeeping cause you to misplace that cup of liquid gold? You become a terrifying, zombie-like creature. Don’t worry– it’s natural.

Yes, the catatonic posture, bewildered expression, and even the tears are all symptoms of a mother who has lost her coffee. READ MORE

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    When mom asked me where I got the magazine, I lied and said I found it. My brother promptly tattled on me, and I was marched straight back into the store and was forced to return it and apologize to the cashier. I was so humiliated; I never gave in to my sticky fingers again. READ MORE

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