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Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? -Friday Etsy Find

Friday Etsy Find: Tutu

This week's Friday Etsy find is this custom-made kid's tutu. Why? Because princess never goes out of style. ...Read More
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  • Linda Wolff

    Does This Lipstick Make Me Look Fat?

    Sometimes all it takes to get me out of a rut, beauty or otherwise, is buying a new lipstick. It all started years ago when I got my hands on my first Bonne Bell Bubblegum Lip Smacker. One swipe of that sticky sweet gloss and I was never th...

  • Beth Rosen

    Neat Freak Chronicles: If I Step On One More Barbie Shoe!

    How many times have you walked through your child’s room to kiss him or her goodnight, only to have the moment ruined by the pain of a Barbie shoe or a Matchbox car impaling the arch of your naked foot?  And how many times do you tell yo...

  • Etsy Finds
    Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? -Friday Etsy Find: Cloud Book Ends

    Friday Etsy Find: Cloud Book Ends

    After sifting through our favorite Etsy shops, we came across these cloud book ends, perfect for displaying your young reader's books with a little bit of whimsy....Read More
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  • What The Flicka


    This week’s Hump Day Cocktail is low in calories and high in taste! Add to that the fact that it’s super easy to make, and you’ve got one rockin’ cocktail to help you make it ’til the weekend!...

  • Erin K Moffat

    New Year’s Revelations

    New Year’s Resolution has such pressure attached to it – like starting a new diet every Monday morning. My New Year’s resolution was always the same: to lose weight. Last year my New Year’s Resolution was to not make...